Meet The Team


This is a movement of unapologetic positivity.

I pledge to do my part by filling myself, family, workplace, and community with more kindness, love, and compassion.

I will be bold with KINDNESS. 

I will intentionally pursue LOVE.

I will speak with COMPASSION.

Where there is adversity, I will find strength. I will make an effort to smile and laugh more. I CHOOSE to be positive and will continue to share that positivity everyday. This is my pledge to creating a pandemic of positivity.

Meet The Team

David Long

Founder, Pandemic of Positivity

With 30 years of experience in the automotive industry, David has built an impressive career in dealership operations holding a multitude of leadership roles including General Manager, Owner and Operating Partner, Vice President of Operations, and Consultant. In August of 2019, David was hired by Henry Hansel as Executive General Manager for Hansel Auto Group in Santa Rosa, California.

David is a skilled public speaker and travels the globe covering topics he is passionate about including training, leadership, and team development.

David and his wife reside in Danville, CA. He has three amazing children and one beautiful grandson. David is an avid fan of the game of basketball and passionate about helping others.

    Lissette Gole

    Head of US Automotive Retail, Google

    Lissette Gole is the Head of US Automotive Retail at Google and founder of Zen Health. She is passionate about empowering people to reach their highest potential in business and in life.

    Lissette’s nearly 20 year career in automotive has spanned across all OEMs. Her goal is to help Dealers increase  sales, profitability and customer loyalty through harnessing the power of digital tools and technology.

    Prior to her Automotive career, she spent many years working in the Marine Sector, including leading F&I at Personal Watercraft Dealerships.

    Outside Automotive, Lissette is passionate about health and wellness. She has founded Zen Health, a community to help womxn business leaders entrepreneurs and live their best and healthiest lives through focusing on mindset, eating habits and equanimity.

    She is based in MI where she lives with her husband, two sons and two Golden Retrievers. Lissette is a life-long boater so you will find her on the lake in the summer months.

      Liza Borches

      CEO, Carter Myers Automotive

      Liza is a 4th generation Automobile retailer with experience in growing an organization exponentially through a people-focused approach.  CMA has grown from 3 dealerships to 15 in the last 15 years, representing 5 markets and 17 franchises across Virginia. 

      The mission of Carter Myers Automotive is to Move Lives Forward for customers, associates and the community. CMA has lived this mission through progressive changes in the customer experience, innovative benefit programs and employee ownership, a commitment to sustainability and through the many non-profit partnerships, including their own non-profit initiative, Driving Lives Forward.

      Liza lives in Charlottesville, Va with her husband and two children.  She is an avid runner, tennis player, skier and attempts to keep up with her kids and husband on her mountain bike.

        Vasilios Lambos


        Vasilios is founder and CMO at and Lambos Digital.

        Vasilios spent his entire career formulating best practices for digital media buying. 

        Co-Founder of Cognition Digital which has partnered with Amazon to deliver programmatic excellence to Automotive Dealers, OEMs, and Agencies.

        Cognition has built the most progressive display and video platform available on Amazon Advertising today. 

        Vasilios ensures his client partners develop the most effective marketing mix models to achieve their business objectives. 

        Kyle Mountsier

        Co-Founder, Contagious Auto

        Kyle is a passionate automotive professional that has over 11 years of experience in every aspect of the dealership space from fixed ops to variable ops and from marketing to process training. Currently, he works as the Marketing & Business Dev Director at Nelson Automotive Group and is the host of Contagious Podcast.

        Kyle is a husband and father of 2 wonderful kids. He is also a Founder of The Roadies, a Nashville SC Supporters Group.

          Michelle McLain

          CEO, Retention Masters

          Michelle McLain, better known as the official “Queen of Clubhouse,” is a Brand Strategist and the CEO of RetentionMasters. She is an experienced executive with over 20 years of background in Sales Management, Retention, Marketing & Branding. 

          Michelle began a career in Retail Automotive Sales circa 2001 and in 2016, after working her way through several upper management and SME roles, she launched her own consulting company. She founded RetentionMasters on the belief that ALL businesses needed to perfect the client experience in order to build a winning brand. 

          Michelle has a passion for people and her primary goal is to help others RISE. Today, her focus is on building brands around the principle of reciprocity. Michelle works directly with businesses of all levels to develop brand strategies and implement processes for creating winning content, connections and cultures.

            Scott Risley

            Digital Marketing Manager, Mohawk Auto Group

            Scott is the Digital Marketing Manager for Mohawk Honda and Mohawk Chevrolet in upstate New York. He has a passion for marketing and accountability as well as helping others in any way he can. He is a self proclaimed music junkie and is also an avid car enthusiast. 

            Scott and his wife reside in Galway NY and he is always open to connecting with anyone and everyone so feel free to reach out to him!

            Nathanael Greklek

            Chief Digital Branding Leader, Mohawk Auto Group

            Nathanael is the Chief Digital Branding Leader at Mohawk Auto Group. He has a passion for helping people build their own personal brands and making them successful. He is quite possibly one of the most high energy people you will ever meet and you won’t catch him sitting still often. He also makes it a point to spread positivity to everyone he comes in contact with.

            Nathanael and his Wife reside in Glenville NY and recently welcomed a new baby girl to their family!